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About ufologija.lt

  Ufologija.lt is an initiative of independent, likeminded people interested in ufology, aspiring to bring together everyone fascinated about unidentified flying objects and to collect information on unexplained phenomena into an archive.

  Our goal is to scientifically explain fringe phenomena connected with UFO and ufology, using methods written and developed in our practical investigations. The conclusion drawn from analyzed cases indicates that it is possible to explain about 90 % of unidentified flying objects, however the remaining 10 % are unexplained. On the other hand, these 10 % are not necessarily of extraterrestrial origin – we simply cannot explain them. We archive the part which is unexplainable by our methods and later apply systemic analysis to the cases, some of which are explained later. Systemic work requires a lot of effort; therefore, our team does their job not only analyzing information with computers, but also organizing field expeditions, in which we go to anomalous places and conduct research in field conditions – meet people, question witnesses, arrange meetings, thus collecting the missing details for our systemic analysis.

  We are the only community of ufologists and researchers in Lithuania, who investigate submitted cases using documented protocols. This allows us to be constructive and systemic. Our goal is to be professional investigators and researchers. All new members intending to work in our investigations are acquainted with our methods and must take an exam. All this is necessary to function as a systemic unit, therefore, data gathered by every investigator must comply with the standards and be suitable to be collected in an archive. In our research, we consult with physicists, astronomers, meteorologists, aviation engineers, medical professionals, photographers and other specialists, and sometimes contact laboratories. Identical practice is used in international ufology research centers (e.g., international organization MUFON).

  We are not categorical skeptics, but our research is based on scientific methods. We want to believe that extraterrestrial civilizations do exist and look for all available evidence, however our standards require to examine them thoroughly and meticulously, trying to maintain an objective tone and avoid discrediting the field of ufology.

  We do not think that every light in the sky is “aliens” and do not blindly believe every fake video. We improve our skills all the time and try to bring together a community concentrating on the explanation of the strange phenomena, attempting to raise the field of ufology to a higher standard, so that it could become a field of research recognized by science, instead of being just a hobby of a group of amateurs.

  Ufologija.lt is also involved in educating people, organizing meetups, in which every interested person is welcomed, including skeptics. We write original articles on the subject of ufology, also translate them from foreign sources. Our aspiration is to bring the idea of ufology closer to the people of Lithuania, so that the word “ufologist” lost its derisive undertone, being, instead, a usual subject and respected hobby, as is the case in some foreign countries.

  Also, we create and develop an easily available and simple submission system of UFO sightings with the possibility of a feedback to help every person who observed or photographed an unexplained phenomenon contact us, so that we could help him/her to find an explanation (in other words, our goal is not only information collection).

  We investigate abduction stories, amongst which is the most widely known in Lithuania, namely the abduction story of a person under the pseudonym inkognito, which took place in 1974. Our team of researchers conducts not only field expeditions to sighting places where UFO’s are observed and abductions take place, but also consults with scientists of any field, does medical, physical and chemical tests. We developed methods of working with abductees, beginning with the analysis of their story and finishing with the psychological consultations. In the case of indications, we suggest seeking qualified help.

Our mission and vision

  •  To conduct systemic and scientific research of UFO cases with the possibility of making them public.

How we work

  • We collect data on unexplained phenomena in the sky and on the ground.
  • We explain them using the described system, which is based on science, and archive those really unexplainable.
  • We write original articles on the subject of ufology.
  • We train new ufology researchers and investigators in using systemic methods.
  • We cooperate with representatives of other scientific fields.
  • We organize field expeditions and question witnesses.
  • We organize meetings and conferences.
  • We communicate with the ufologists from other countries (MUFON, Norwegian, Swedish UFO centers etc.).
  • We aspire to make ufology a recognized field of science.


Contact us

All international emails are welcome to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlių. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.

For Open PGP encrypted mail, we kindly ask you to write us to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlių. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.

Our public key can be downloaded below:

Download our Open PGP key

Fingerprint: 9349 D76E ACD9 E93B F48B EBA6 06C9 F8E9 7B4E 34D6




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